Fuse Matiné: Adam Port, Matthias Meyer


The heat wave has been intense, but here we are used to different levels of intensity. We feature a breath of fresh air in the form of an open air matinée. But behind this concept, a secret is hidden. Overlooking the river Tejo, an abandoned factory stands, shrouded in a breath-taking thriller…

Tickets> www.fuse.pt/matine
early birds, till June 21th, SOLD OUT
2nd release, till June 30th
infoline: +351 919054333
Email: bilhetes@fuse.pt




Words are always scanty to write this post. All because a thank you from the bottom of our hearts cannot be said in mere words. So we decided to demonstrate it through an image. Thank you.
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Fuse 6th Anniversary After Party


Attending a Fuse party is good, attending an after-party is great, but having access to two venues with two crews playing simultaneously is amazing. On the one hand, in Kremlin, the well-known Terrazzza, directly from Switzerland. On the other, in Europa Sunrise, the Hustle debut, from our neighboring country. The hardest thing will be to choose the sound from which crew to dance to. For bearers of the 6th anniversary bracelet, the entrance is free till 1am.*
* After entering one of the clubs, it is allowed to circulate between both.
Fuse meets Terrazzza - Kremlin: 23h > 06h
Fuse meets Hustle - Konvento: 23h > 04h
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FR002 - Marcelo Cura


For the second month of Fuse’s label existence, we announce the EP of the French Marcelo Cura. "Steelow" and "Injected" includes remixes from Bombossa Brothers and WHITENOISE & FRAGOSO
Early support from: HectorFauvrelleMarco CarolaRui VargasWilian KrauppOff KeyOutwayStefano NoferiniWiseGuys from LisbonDuo MethodRoberto SuraceVincenzo D'amicoZlatnichiMachine Culture Collective, among many others.
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Click on the image.