Fuse Matiné - Guy Gerber


The first time we feel cold at night is when we know it’s Autumn. The first time we set foot in the real world, is when we know that vacations are over. There is a certain aura about first times. Fuse’s rentrée is done with pomp and circumstance, and although the place isn’t a premiere, the guest sure is. We return to Voz do Operário with something different inside us.
Tickets > www.fuse.pt/guygerber
Info: fb.com/events/348468278898409/ 
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Fuse Records & Tru5t @ BPM Festival - 16th September - Cloque


The line that divides Heaven from Earth is called the horizon. And what divides Heaven from Hell is commonly called limbo. At the BPM Festival, the venue that will host Fuse’s party with Trust makes a balance between the two. Tomorrow, we won’t be part of one thing nor another, only to let ourselves be carried away by the surrounding music.
Info: fb.com/events/912376622254505
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Fuse Records EP003 - Okabi - Timeless


Our big bet on Fuse Records continues as we release the third EP of this project. Brace yourselves for Okabi’s original track, which denotes an essence of pure tech house. We also invited the national artist EAT DUSTand the Hungarian Captain Knuckles, from our partner CityMatiné, to create unique remixes of this theme.

Fuse Records began with the goal of creating bridges and exchanges, not only in the different music styles, but also intending to boost the cultural and musical education of its audience. With a large collective of artists and extensive experience in event production, Fuse Records looks for the perfect combination of Portugal's most unique venues and electronic music, in a constant search for quality, up-to-dateness, and fusion.
Supported by: Hector, Mihai Popoviciu, Wilian Kraup, Marco Carola, Collective Machine, Yamil, Joseph Capriati, Vicenzo D'Amico, Duo Method, Miguel Matoz, DJ Sobek, Joshua Puerta, Wiseguys from Lisbon, among any others.
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