Brunch Elektronik Lisboa - 28th October @ LX Faktory


Everyone has heard of Brunch Electronik, we just didn’t see it leave Tapada da Ajuda to settle in the city. The occasion is special: we celebrate Halloween, a night when the threshold between the living and the dead gets thinner, and the city becomes an urban jungle. Fuse Records will be hosting the L Room of this mega-event, and it will be every man for himself at the Lx Factory.
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Fuse Matiné - Guy Gerber 14th October @ Voz do Operário


The last time we entered the Noble Hall of the Voz do Operário, it was the last day of December, and we were preparing a razzle-dazzle party to make us forget the previous year, as we got in 2017. There’s nothing better than going back to the place where so many other cycles were over and renewed.
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