Fuse Records

Fuse Records

Fuse Records began its journey aiming to build bridges beyond boundaries in electronic music. Over its 6 years of existence, Fuse has strengthened true exchanges, not only in different music styles but also exchanges intended to boast the musical and cultural education of its audience.

Believing that music and the surrounding environment make the perfect match, there is also the concern to provide the best locations around Portugal, in different shapes, schedules and venues. The chosen approach is to discover the traditional roots and experiences where gardens, boats, clubs, beaches, and festivals become unique and each space becomes special.

It's a record company featuring a strong collective of artists and great experience in the organization and planning of its events. Fuse, with its well-drawn horizons, counts on a vast number of participations and collaborations of big artists, such as dj's, producers and their respective record labels.

One of the great collective’s intents is to show the best of what happens in this "country planted by the sea," and also mix the best of what is made outside and beyond international borders. Enjoying the best of both worlds in electronic music becomes an attainable utopia.

"We want to continue to be the symbol for quality, up-to-dateness and fusion," that's the motto fulfilled with great pride and creativity.